Hongxia Wang

Hongxia Wang,  Prof.

Science and Engineering Faculty. School of Chemistry & Physics. Queensland University of Technology
Qualifications: Doctor of Philosophy (Chinese Academy of Sciences), PhD (Physics), ME(Applied Chemistry), BE(Analytical Chemistry)

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QUT Staff Profile

The research of our group has been centred around development of new routes for cost-effective next generation solar cells and understanding the working mechanism of these solar cells including perovskite solar cells, dye-sensitized solar cells, quantum dot solar cells, thin film solar cells using earth-abundant materials such as  Cu2ZnSn(S, Se)4 . Meanwhile, my interest in energy storage devices has driven our research into exploration of design and synthesis of new electrode, electrolyte and membrane materials and device architecture for supercapacitors and batteries.  Our current research focus are to:

  • Develop new methods to improve stability of hybrid perovskite solar cells with high performance;
  • Develop light weight, wearable solar power pack ;
  • Design and synthesis functional carbon based materials for solar cells and energy storage devices;
  • Understand mechanism of charge transport and energy loss in solar cells;
  • Design and develop efficient density of energy and power of  energy storage devices with long cycling lifetime.